Cookie Bar • Intimate Cleansing Balm

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We all need to look after our cookie! The Cookie Bar has been formulated with the intent of keeping the intimate bits clean and moist whilst aiding in PH balance without affecting the good bacteria with any harsh chemicals. Great for thrush, yeast infections, or post-period dryness. Can be used daily. 

Directions for use: Rub in, over, and around your intimate areas after a bath or shower. Make sure to rinse the Cookie Bar after every use. 

Ingredients: Unrefined organic shea butter, unrefined organic cocoa butter, organic apple cider vinegar, organic cold-pressed coconut oil infused with rose petals, and rosemary.

No Essential Oils used in the Cookie Bar. 

Comes as a 50g palm-sized bar. The presentation may vary.

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Always do a skin patch test before attempting new skincare products.