Skincare from the Earth


The Botanical Path

LORE, a one woman show, desires to honour and reignite our understanding of the powerful abilities of the Earth's beautiful gifts with a range of botanical wellness provisions, handcrafted with the intention of serving the body, mind, soul and our beautiful Earth.


Word On The Street

"The Cookie Bar is heavenly! It definitely helped with my period thrush, wow!

Nadine - CPT

Word On The Street

"Smoking Mellow Out has really helped me relax when I am feeling extremely tense and overwhelmed - I also quit smoking cigarettes thanks to it!"

Kayla - CPT

Word On The Street

”The Moontime tincture has completely saved my life. My period cramps subsided shortly after taking some in the morning and only creeped up again later that afternoon”

Megan - JHB

Word On The Street

“I recently got gifted your Sweet Jane oil, and I have to tell you this is quite literally miracle in a bottle. “

Nicole - CPT